Monday, March 16, 2009

Dear WWW,
I'm not a very good "internet-er". I thinks its because I'm so sarcastic. (Except for right now when I  am being TOTALLY honest with you--see? It just doesn't translate!)  But it seems this "fad" of yours is here to stay, and as the music business changes to fit I must too. Or at least try.
So try I will.  Here it goes:
 ( a-hem).

Its Monday, and I leave for Texas and the South by Southwest Music Conference in the morning. I generally like to go to Texas and MAKE MONEY, so going down there to hob knob with the music biz, play for free and SPEND money doesn't sit well with me. But I am, I guess, a "label owner" now and things must be done for the label that I have created. It (and its six employees) depends on me and I will not let them ( or it) down.
While most record labels host show cases all over Austin this week where their talent will play short sets, we at F.A.Y. Recordings will try something a bit different. Our showcase will be in various sports bars--or at least the one with HD TV's all over the damn place--and consist of watching the NCAA Tournament and drinking adult beverages. All are invited and its FREE even if you don't have an official SXSW brag tag that you paid waaaaaay too much for.  
IF the location of this to-be-named-oasis has wi-fi, I will try and BLOG some more and give live reports. So check back at the ( NEW!) website and start spreading the word about the new record. F.A.Y. Recordings depends on YOU too!



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